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Do you have a desire to become a person of action and contemplation? Do you desire to be a Christ-like peacemaker, a mission bridge-builder and a servant-leader? Do you believe that Christ’s kingdom is not about a program but rather about being one with God’s people in a community of relational unity that leads to deeply shared mission together? If you do you share a vision that we call “missional-ecumenism.” The ACT3 Cohort may be the very kind of leadership training experience that you need to jump start your journey into a new stage of Christian growth and leadership.

The ACT3 Cohort is a nine-month process than involves various learning styles, a prayerfully selected small group of 10-20, intense discussions and intentional accountability. The cohort group generally includes clergy and non-clergy, men and women, members of all ages, and participants from various church backgrounds and denominations including Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox.

The next ACT3 Cohort we have planned will be in the Boston area. The dates are: March 19May 7September 24 and December 3, 2018. These all-day sessions meet from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and will be held near the Boston Commons in the city. If you are interested in local information about this Cohort group contact the organizer, Scott Brill. Scott can be reached at (Scott is a member of the ACT3 board.) Once we have determined that we have a sufficient group in size to proceed registration will formally open on this site. The first step is to contact Scott for more information and to express your interest. 

Dr. John H. Armstrong, the president of ACT3 Network–a seasoned teacher, author and mentor–will facilitate the ACT3 Cohort group 2017-18.

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