The Intiative – Green Lake Conference

You are invited to attend the first public gathering of a newly forming community of Christians from many church traditions named The Initiative. This gathering will be held at the Green Lake Conference Center (Green Lake, Wisconsin), June 24-28, 2018.

Who Should Attend The Initiative?

This event is open to all who feel “drawn” to attend after reading our covenant and way of life. The Initiative was begun by the leadership team of the ACT3 Network in 2016-17. Because we believe relational friendship is critical to true community we welcome you to join us in the practice of Christ’s love for one another (John 13:34-35). We want everyone who comes to join us in pursuing what we call missional-ecumenism. We are not gathering for an argument or a fight about explosive and debatable issues. We believe the love of Christ is strong enough to call all Christians to pray and serve together (John 13:34; 15:12-18; 17:21-24). We are gathering to build friendships rooted in reconciling love.

How & When Will The Initiative Become a Covenanted Community?

Following the June 2018 meeting we will invite people into the membership of The Initiative after they have prayerfully engaged in a careful discernment process. In June 2019, we will gather again at Green Lake to formally covenant together as The Initiative. We will continue to welcome everyone to all our meetings, both members and non-members.

What Will It Cost to Register and Attend the Meeting This June?

Everyone who attends in June must pay a $150 non-refundable registration fee due by May 15. If you stay on campus the total cost for the event, including this $150 registration fee, will be $650 per person for a single room and meal plan. If you choose double-occupancy (two persons to a room) the total cost will be $400. You will pay the $150 registration fee and then pay $250 more by June 1, for a total of $400. All final costs must be paid before June 1. We cannot accept payments at Green Lake.

Why Is the Cost So High?

The Initiative is not making money on this event. We are only covering our minimal costs for using this beautiful conference center. (Watch the video on the website to see Green Lake Conference Center.) We realize that this cost is high for some who want to come but we cannot afford to subsidize the cost. If you need financial help contact John Armstrong at: You will be put on a scholarship list and if money becomes available we will help you.

How Do I Get to Green Lake?

The best way to travel to Green Lake, from outside the Wisconsin area, is by air/car. The Conference Center is near the very small town of Green Lake in south central Wisconsin. The best airports for getting to Green Lake are Milwaukee (first choice) and Chicago O’Hare (second choice). Milwaukee is about a two-hour drive to Green Lake and O’Hare about a three-plus hour drive.

What About Late Registration and Refunds?

If you pay the registration fee after May 15 we should be able to accept you but you must register no later than May 30. We have reserved a block of rooms and private meeting space. Once these rooms and this space are taken we cannot add significantly to our group number unless new rooms and new space opens up in late May. We will then ask you to make the final payment for the total conference center fees by June 1.

How Do I Register?

To register and pay the $150, click here. Note: This registration fee guarantees your place at the Green Lake Conference Center and attendance at The Initiative. You must pay the remainder of the conference center costs before June 1, 2018. We will notify you about this final payment if you have not paid it by May 15. We cannot take money for the event at Green Lake.

To pay the conference fee (minus the $150 registration fee) now, click here. Note: We can refund your total amount, minus the $150 registration fee, if you are hindered from attending because of a last-minute unplanned providence; sickness, family need, etc.

I Have More Questions About the Purpose and Program of The Initiative.

On the home page we have a lengthy question and answer section that should provide most of the information you will need to prayerfully consider joining us for this conference in June 2018.