ACT3 Network is a social-missional network that consists of four distinct types of partnerships.

Resourced Partners

In resourced partnerships we work with specific churches, ministries, non-profits, organizations and individuals who are directly served by ACT3 Network, empowering them for unity in Christ’s mission. Resources we provide include books, messages, consulting, training and mentoring. There is no formal agreement to associate in such partnerships.

Associate Partners

In associate partnerships we work closely with like-minded churches, ministries, non-profits and organizations who desire a reciprocal, on-going relationship with ACT3 Network that provides synergy, friendship and mutual support in Christ’s mission. Associate partners have been formally recognized through an application process. For more information on Associate Partnerships, click here. For a direct link to the application, click here.

Prayer Team Partners

Intercessory prayer is a vital way in which scores of people pray for the work of ACT3 Network. If you would like to receive periodic confidential emails with specific requests for prayer please sign up. Please sign up only if you truly feel you the Spirit desires you to become an intercessor for this mission.