Green Lake Conference Application

The first gathering for those interested in The Initiative will be at Green Lake Conference Center (Green Lake, Wisconsin), June 24-28, 2018. This event is open to all who apply and are approved. Approval requires that one of our team knows you or we schedule a phone appointment with you to talk personally. We want everyone who has a deep desire to pursue missional-ecumenism to attend. We do not want to argue, debate or fight about sundry issues. We come together to build friendships rooted in reconciling love. If you want to join us we desire your presence. You do not need to agree in order to attend or to become a member. Membership will be a discernment process following the meeting so we welcome all who wish to come to share/pray with us.

NOTE: There is a $150 non-refundable deposit toward the cost of the event that will be required at registration. Payment options for this deposit will be provided after your application is reviewed. People are accepted on the basis of space so if you wait too long, in the coming months, to apply we might not be able to accept you. We have reserved a block of rooms and limited space. Once these places are taken we cannot add to our group size unless some new space opens by cancellation the spring.

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Will you be able to pay the Green Lake Conference fees for hotel and meals for three-plus days, four nights June 24-28? The total fees for room, food and our conference use is: $650

Single room rate is: $128/night

Double room rate is: $64/night

Meal package (10 meals) is: $120.00

(By having a roommate you can cut the room rate in half but the meal plan will remain the same for each guest. We cannot alter these figures in order to keep our conference rates.)

Note: Payment will be made to ACT3 Network via check or online payment by June 1, 2018. ACT 3 Network will then pay for the entire group to Green Lake. If you cannot afford the conference fees we will discuss with you possible scholarship help if we are able to find the funds to do this. It is our intention to do so.