The Intiative – Green Lake Conference

Apply to Attend the Inaugural Gathering of The Initiative, June 24-28, 2018.

The first gathering for those interested in The Initiative will be held at the Green Lake Conference Center (Green Lake, Wisconsin), June 24-28, 2018.

This event is open to all who desire to come but you must apply. Approval to register requires that we either already know you or we will happily schedule a phone appointment with you to get acquainted. Because relational friendship is critical to this community we want people to feel welcome to know and love one another in Christ. We want everyone who has a desire to pursue missional-ecumenism to attend if at all possible. We do not invite you to argue, debate or fight about issues. We will come together to build friendships rooted in reconciling love. You do not need to agree to become a member of the community to attend this summer meeting. Following June 2018 membership will become a discernment process so we welcome all, members and guests, who wish to share with us. We believe you can prayerfully discern your role in this community by being in it, not by merely reading about it.

There is an application form to fill out and later a $150 non-refundable fee for the costs of this event once you have applied and we have confirmed your plan to attend.

People will be accepted on the basis of space, after they have filled out this application. If you apply too late, especially after March 31, we might not be able to accept you. We have reserved a block of rooms and usable meeting space. Once these rooms and this space is taken we cannot add significantly to our group number unless new rooms and space opens up in the early spring.

Apply here.

To pay the $150 deposit, click hereNote: Your application must be processed before choosing this option.

To register for the conference and pay the full conference fee, click hereNote: Your application must be processed before choosing this option.